Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20

Spiritual formation

For the students spiritual development NBBC organizes Quiet Time, Morning Devotion, Chapel Service, Evening Prayer, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Chain Prayer,Spiritual Retreat, Mission Emphasis Week and Mission Trips.

Quite time is observed every morning 5:30-6:00 am followed by combined morning devotion.

Evening Prayer is observed every Wednesday and every first week of Monday, where we have different kind of prayer points such as National, International, College, unreached people groups and Personal Prayer etc.

Every Tuesday from 11:00 am-12: pm Chapel Service is called official Chapel Service. Where we have Principal & Academic Dean to preach on first week, one of the lecturers' to preach on second week, guest speaker from Baptist circle to preach on third week and guest speakers from different organizations to preach on forth week.

Monday and Thursday 11:00 am -12: pm Chapel Service is meant for students preaching. On Monday Chapel Service is used as Nepali Service where students presides and preaches using Nepali language, and on every Thursday students gets opportunity to preside and preach using English language.

Fasting Prayer is observed once in a semester combined with staff and faculty. Specifically we fast on this day to ask God's guidance to be upon the college for whole semester.

Chain prayer is observed once in a semester. In this day student collects prayer points from every areas that needed to be prayed and Heart Champion helps other students to divide in small groups to pray turn by turn.

Chain prayer is organized from evening 6:00 am - morning 6:00 am.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week is observed once in a year for whole week. Every morning on this whole week 11:00 am-12:00 pm college invites preacher from different churches, organizations or colleges to speak in different topics related to spiritual life, offered by college. And in every evening of this week from 4:30 pm-5:30 pm we have our full time faculty to lead in some of the activities (decided by college working team) which are helpful for spiritual growth. As one of the spiritual activities we also encourage students to fast and spend time with God.

Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreat is a following program of Spiritual emphasis week. For this program all of the students, staff and faculty go together in a near place where we can spend time with God. Usually this program is observed for 2 days long. There we organize different kind of activities such as quiet time, worship, sharing visit etc. which are helpful for spiritual growth.

Spiritual Emphasis week and Spiritual Retreat helps college to meet one of the college emphases "to be like Christ."

Mission Emphasis Week

Mission Emphasis Week is also celebrated once in a year to learn specifically on mission. On this week we call guest speakers who have gathered lots of experience on mission to speak on mission topic. On this week we also watch mission related movies, learn mission songs, spend quiet time and organize other mission activities. This week is also a preparation week for Mission Trip.

Mission Trips

After a year-long of lecture on various aspects of subjects students also need to implement of their learning thus we felt the need of an exposure trip. As per the two-emphasis of the college: "to be like Christ, and to make Christ known", we need to organize this trip that provides an opportunity to reach out non-Christian and share the love of Christ, and strengthens the local churches. This also helps students to enhance their leadership and ministry skills.


In addition to the academic and spiritual formation emphasis, the college recognizes the importance of practical experiences and skill in the ministry. Thus, NBBC integrates the Student Body Service, Weekends Field Work and Internship programs as the vital part of equipping process for ministry.

Weekend Ministry

The Weekends Field Work Program seeks to expose the students to the varied scopes of Church ministries. They are assigned to different local churches to serve.

Saturday Service

Weekend ministry is one of the requirements of college for Field Ministry course.

On Saturday Students are assigned to various churches for weekend field ministry and expected to participate regularly.

There Students are expected to respect and submit to the local church leadership. And serve the local church in worship, preaching, evangelism and other areas of ministry as required by the assigned church.

At the end of the semester students are to submit their semester journal filled with ministry record and with attendance signed by the pastor or Church leader.

Sunday Service

On Sunday all the students are to attend Sunday English Worship Service at Living Baptist Church, Nakhipot, Lalitpur. In English service students are given chance to chair the service, lead worship and preach as well.

Internship Program

The internship program is design to provide student to major on their potential area(s) of ministry, while developing one or more other minor roles. Internship is recommended after the completion of the second-semester of the Third-year.

Rationale being that after two and half years of studies and general exposure in various ministries, he/she may narrow down his/her potential gifts/roles for the internship. Thereafter, student has one more final semester for the final "touch-up" of their needs both academically and practically.

Students are sent to their respective churches for their Internship Field. However, considering the interest and gifting of the Students College can also send students in the needed field.

The Primary Objectives

The Primary objectives for the Weekends and the Internship programs are: to expose the students to as wide and varied the scope of church/Christian ministries, to provide for the students opportunities to work with, under a mentor, to learn and develop the practical skills in ministry and to help the student discover and affirm his potentials, gifts and strengths as well as measures to rectify his/her needs.

Student Body formation

The Student Body (SB), based on non-political norms, is made up of student members nominated by the students with the consent of the college administration. It acts as liaison between college management and students.The Student Body consists of six members: Head, Heart, Hand and Health Champions, a Secretary and the Dean of Students as an ex-officio member. The Dean of Students serves as a co-coordinator of the student Body. SB elections are held every year.The Student Body is to help students follow College Guidelines. The Student Body meets 2nd Monday of the month, or more frequently as needed. Student Body is formed in order to keep a healthy relationship between staff and students.

Student Body Member Qualification

Head Champion: Qualifications
  1. Must be a second year student
  2. Should have a heart to serve the college community
  3. Should able to lead by demonstrating a Christ-like character
  4. Should have a good command of English and Nepali in communicating with students and faculty.
  1. Chair the Student Body meeting
  2. Act as liaison between staff and students
  3. Report to the Academic Dean of any action which may be deemed unacceptable, unethical, or detrimental to the college community
  4. Assist the administrator and Dean of students in affairs of the college
  5. Delegate and assign responsibilities among students for college functions
  6. Take charge to solve all matters arising among students
  7. Organize activities that enhance the head knowledge of students

Treasurer /Secretary: Qualifications
  1. Must be a second year student
  2. Must be faithful to God and people
  3. Should have good writing skills
  4. Should have good command of English and Nepali
  1. Minute decisions made in meetings
  2. Make a clear record of income and expenditure
  3. Be a good steward of money
  4. Present the Student Body and the Principal with financial details when needed

Heart Champion: Qualifications
  1. Should have a heart to serve the college community
  2. Should have a strong prayer life
  3. Should be able to lead by demonstrating a Christ-like character.
  4. Able to communicate well in English and Nepali with students and faculty.
  1. Serve as a member of the Student Body
  2. Make a schedule for chapel, morning devotion, and evening prayer
  3. Organize spiritual activities for students’ spiritual growth
  4. Assist the administrator and Dean of students in organizing the college retreat
  5. Work in a team within the student body and assist the student President

Hand Champion Qualifications
  1. As detailed for the Heart Champion
  2. Physically fit to carry out college cleaning duties
  1. Make a schedule for campus cleaning and morning social service.
  2. Look after college cleaning tools (if needed, place an order with the administrator)
  3. Instruct, or reprimand those not doing duties effectively
  4. Work in a team within the student body and assist the student President

Health Champion Qualifications
  1. As detailed for the Hand Champion
  1. Manage the kitchen well.
  2. Make a schedule for kitchen cleaning, community meals and weekends cooking
  3. Assign student to fill water jars and to water plants
  4. Look after kitchen property
  5. Help the kitchen staff if necessary in cooking

Care Group

In order ‘To help and support students to manage their own learning in order to maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be’ (Parsloe, 1992) Caring and Raring Each Other (C.A.R.E group) program is designed to provide service for all phases of a student's welfare that includes intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, vocational and financial of the student. Students are divided into several smaller groups where a faculty will lead a group.