Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20


Central Regional Baptist Church Association(CRBCA) is an regional association of Nepal Baptist Church Council which looks after the Church registered under NBCC in three zone namely Bagmati, Janakpur and Narayani. Forty three (43) churches including 46 fellowships are registered under NBCC through CRBCA. Total ordain Pastor serving in CRBCA is 48 and 22 are non-ordain pastors.

Churches registered under CRBCA

SN Name Address Pastor Name Zone
1 Sindhuli Baptist Church Kamalamai, Sindhuli Leader Khadga BK Janakpur
2 Living Baptist Church Mainapokhari Mainapokhari, Dolakha Balram Siwakoti Janakpur
3 Bardibas Baptist Church Bardibas Radio Station, Mahotari, Janakpur Bhola Hamal Janakpur
4 Macadonia Baptist Church Dhulikhel,Kavre Dev Raj Bhandari Bagmati
5 Darshan Baptist Church Dhulikhel,Kavre Lila Bahadur Tamang Bagmati
6 Upasana Tinpilpe Baptist Church Panchkhal,Kavre Ram Kumar Neupane Bagmati
7 Guras Baptist Fellowship Guras,Kavre Leader Kishor Tamang Bagmati
8 Living Baptist Church Sallaghari Sallaghari, Bhaktapur Lal Bahadur Shrestha Bagmati
9 Samdan Baptist Church Gongabu, Kathmandu Lok Bahadur Gole Bagmati
10 Kathmandu Baptist Church Dhungedhara, Kathmandu Prabesh Subba Bagmati
11 Living Baptist Church Matatirtha Matatirtha, Kathmandu Ruben Rai Bagmati
12 Living Baptist Church Dhumbarai Dhumbarai, Kathmandu Raju Thulung Bagmati
13 Kathmandu Valley Baptist Church Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu Bishal Thapa Bagmati
14 Attarkhel Baptist Church Jorpati-07, Kathmandu Prakash Tamang Bagmati
15 Pratigya Baptist Church Gongabu, Kathmandu Ram Krishna Ale Bagmati
16 Mahima Baptist Fellowship Kapan, Kathmandu Ratna Bahadur Rai Bagmati
17 Living Baptist Church Bagbazar Bagbazar, Kathmandu Rajib Kandel Bagmati
18 Shanti Baptist Church Gongabu, Kathmandu David Acharya Bagmati
19 Living Baptist Church Lalitpur Lalitpur-14, Lalitpur Rajendra Malla Bagmati
20 Dhapakhel Baptist Church Dhapakhel,Lalitpur Hari Gurung Bagmati
21 Shaktisali Baptist Church Nakhhu, Lalitpur Prem Narayan Bhattarai Bagmati
22 Living Baptist Church Thaiba Thaiba, Lalitpur Harka Raj Rai Bagmati
23 Asish Baptist Church Okharpauwa, Nuwakot Bagmati
24 Living Baptist Church Chaughare Chaughare, Lalitpur Chitra Thing Bagmati
25 Hope Baptist Church Thaiba, Lalitpur Chandra Bir Gurung Bagmati
26 Naya Jeevan Baptist Church Imadol, Lalitpur Aiman Rai Bagmati
27 Chapagaon Baptist Church Chapagaon, Lalitpur Mohan Chamlagain Bagmati
28 Ashis Baptist Church Imadol, Lalitpur Sankar Rasik Bagmati
29 Changathali Baptist Fellowship Tikathali, Lalitpur Min Kumar Rai Bagmati
30 Sunakoti Baptist Fellowship Sunakoti, Lalitpur RB Rana Bagmati
31 Faith Baptist Church Imadol, Lalitpur Dipak Raj Rai Bagmati
32 Asrang Baptist Fellowship Akrang, Lalitpur Harka Raj Rai Bagmati
33 Devine Baptist Fellowship Jharuwarashi, Lalitpur Leader Kamal Siwakoti Bagmati
34 Baireni Baptist Church Baireni-08, Dhading Leader Raju Kunwar Bagmati
35 Milantar Baptist Fellowship Milantar, Dhading Leader Krishna Parsai Bagmati
36 Anugraha Baptist Church Agra-01, Makawanpur Bir Bahadur Ghalan Narayani
37 Kulekhani Baptist Fellowship Makawanpur Leader Rabin Tamang Narayani
38 Bharatpur Baptist Church Bharatpur, Chitwan Hira Lal Gurung Narayani
39 Getshemane Baptist Church Bharatpur-02, Chitwan Man Bahadur Basyal Narayani
40 Meghauli Baptist Church Meghauli, Chitwan Munna Gurung Narayani
41 Immanual Baptist Church Chitwan Imansing Gurung Narayani
42 Fasera Faserni Baptist Church Khaireni-08, Chitwan Leader Nabin Chaudhary Narayani
43 Padariya Baptist Church Chitwan Ruben Chaudhary Narayani
44 Barampur Baptist Church Chitwan Tika BK Narayani
45 Tadi Baptist Church Ratnanagar-04, Chitwan Leader Sukhi Darai Narayani
46 Hardi Baptist Church Bhadara-02, Chitwan Ratna Sing Chaudhary Narayani
47 Kesarbagh Baptist Church Chitwan Hira Lamsal Narayani
48 Pidrahani Baptist Church Chitwan Gopal Darai Narayani
49 Arpan Baptist Church Chitwan Lal Bahadur Gurung Narayani
50 Madipur Baptist Church Chitwan Ramesh Lamsal Narayani
51 Shyaulibash Baptist Church Madi, Chitwan Dev Bahadur BK Narayani
52 Suryanagar Baptist Church Chitwan Raju Gurung Narayani
53 Chitwan Indigenus Baptist Church Chitwan Bhupati Regmi Narayani
54 Jitpur Baptist Church Chitwan Leader Shadev Maharjan Narayani
55 Bhojard Baptist Church Chitwan Leader David Thapa Narayani
56 Dorangi Baptist Church Chitwan Leader Sabitry Chaudhary Narayani
57 Lankaline Baptist Church Lankaline, Chitwan Leader Kiran Shrestha Narayani
58 Lalparsha Baptist Fellowship Chitwan Leader Dhojaraj Chaudhary Narayani
59 Jugedi Baptist Fellowsship Chitwan Leader Hira Lal Gurung Narayani
60 Basantipur Madi Baptist Fellowship Chitwan Leader Bhuddhi Chaudhary Narayani
61 Three Group Baptist Fellowship Chitwan Leader Nabin Chaudhary Narayani
62 living Baptist Church Madi Chitwan Leader Saru Mahato Narayani